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Command 12

Main command vehicle. Carries enough equipment to begin a rescue operation, diving, swift water, or ice rescue. Tows the PWCs or Zodiac 12.

Utility 12

Carries enough equipment to begin a rescue operation, diving, swift water, or ice rescue. Tows the PWCs or Zodiac 12.

DR12 - Primary Support Vehicle

Carries the bulk of our diving equipment and most of the equipment needed to sustain a lengthy operation.

Personal Watercraft (PWCs)

Used primarily for shoreline searches the PWCs are very useful in extreme shallow water. Because the PWCs can be used in very tight locations they are also ideal for high-risk rescue.

Zodiac 12

Used for deploying divers during offshore operations or for transfers to other vessels. Also used for pond operations and extended shore searches.


Interspiro AGA Full Face Mask

Full face mask protects the diver from water contamination and allows for two-way communications with the surface tender.

Trelleborg Viking Dry Suit

Viking dry suits are developed, manufactured and adapted to the fulfil the needs and requirements stated among divers from the harshest commercial sector, the area of fire and rescue and public safety, from military divers and law enforcement agencies as well as sport and technical divers. The Viking dry suit is designed to provide extreme protection.

Mustang Ice Commander Rescue Suit

The Mustang Ice Commander is the suit of choice for search and rescue teams, fire departments, and ice rescue professionals. The modular suit is completely waterproof with a water tight hood, integrated gloves, and attached boots. The flotation and insulation performance of a snap in buoyancy liner allows users to immerse themselves for long periods of time in icy cold water and maintain mental and physical capabilities.

Rescue Randy

Rescue Randy

Rescue Randy is a vital member of the Calvert County Rescue Dive Team. Randy has been lost in almost every waterway in Calvert County...and found every time. Randy sacrifices everything to ensure that the team is well trained and prepared for any rescue and recovery operation. Recently Randy lost his right foot during a recovery drill. While the foot was also recovered, it could not be reattached. Thank you Randy for your Service!


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